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IN ORDERED WORLD, Christopher Felver celebrates the elemental essences of manmade and natural objects that tend to elude most people in everyday life. Felver’s aesthetic universe pits the obvious boundaries of architectural glass and steel against the more interior textures of nature, the glossy sheen of an industrial object or roughly stacked iron ingots in a foundry versus the grain of wood in a cross-cut tree or the curvature of a nude body. Ordered World recognizes the beauty of structure and likewise the underlying structure of beauty in a series of pictures that is remarkable both for its tightly honed cohesion and diversity of content.

Working in a manner not unlike Karl Blossfeldt, Albert Renger-Patzsch and the New Objectivity artists of 1920s and '30s Germany, Felver asserts his own contemporary vision here. His pictures are informed by Minimalism and the keen, refined observation of a poet unwilling to discard the mundane or topical content that surrounds us but, nevertheless, is overlooked in the quickened pace of our technologically frenzied age. The series, while concerned with monumentalizing and focusing our attention on the ordered and structured surfaces of objects, resists any historical referencing to the hardened gaze of the twentieth century. It asks the viewer to ruminate on the overlooked beauty which surrounds us, the wonderment that unfolds, with careful and refined examination contained by specific moments in time.

As a series, Ordered World ranks Felver at the forefront of those exploring the photographic medium in today’s contemporary art scene. It is a testament to one man’s prescient eye.