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Robert Berman Gallery. Santa Monica CA, April 6-28, 2013

Just Occupy - Christopher Felver and Ted Soqui
Robert Berman Gallery. Santa Monica, CA. 2012

just occupy show

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The Importance of Being
Fahey/Klein. Los Angeles. 2002

Review of exhibit at Fahey/Klein, Los Angeles

Christopher Felver’s expertise is in an exactly complementary kind of, er, celebrity portraiture. Instead of candids and costume poses, Felver shoots the kind of more or less straightforward visages that winds up on book jackets and publicity flyers. But, as the vividness of Felver’s portraits demonstrates, there are ways of realizing this task that elevate it well beyond the yearbookheadshot genre. Specializing in notably creative men and women—poets, philosophers, sculptors, musicians, actors, political mavericks—Felver finds the high-burning pilot light behind every countenance. Although most every shot is posed and straight on, and most every face has a smile flickering across it, Felver—who is also a filmmaker—brings forth these people’s complexity and passion. You know plenty of them by sight, many more by reputation, and may even know a few personally. (A few of Felver’s photos have become standard images of their subjects.) But, guaranteed, you’ll see something in nearly every face—vulnerability, approachability, wistfulness, resolve that you never saw there before, although you’d sensed it in the subjects’ own work.